Modify Reductor
Modify Reductor
Modify Reductor

3x Modify Reductor (3 x 90 capsules) + FREE CONSULTATION




Modify Reductor is a dietary supplement, which is addressed to sportsmen, physically active people, and those who want to reduce the adipose tissue and reach its healthy proportion with the muscle weights.


The synephrine contained in “Modify Reductor” helps “burn” accumulated fatty tissue, while caffeine and guarana significantly increase the efficiency of the body and reduce physical fatigue, which allows you to carry out more effective work with your body.

In addition, the combination of synephrine with caffeine, capsaicin and green tea polyphenols greatly enhances lipolysis, i.e. removing unnecessary fat stored in adipose tissue and transporting it to the mitochondria, where it is “burnt” during exercise.

Plant extracts additionally inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and storage of them in the form of adipose tissue. A properly selected dose of N-acetyl L-tyrosine has a positive effect on reducing physical and mental fatigue. The chromium contained in the preparation (glucose tolerance factor) inhibits glucose fluctuations and, consequently, reduces the appetite for sweets. Perfectly matched proportions support the removal of toxins and excess water from the body.


The recommended daily dose: 3 capsules a day with a glass of water:

  • on training days: 1 capsule in the morning and 2 and a half hours before main training,
  • on other days 1 capsule 3 times a day 20 minutes before a meal, but not later than 4 hours before sleep.

The package contains 90 capsules

It contains caffeine –  it is not recommended to be used by children, pregnant and breast-feeding (caffeine content: 56,6 mg/capsules). It cannot be used together with other products containing caffeine. It is not recommended to be used by people suffering from heart diseases, hypertension, prone to depression or in case of hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the preparation. Do not use after the expiry date. Keep in room temperature, protect from light and humidity.

You should not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute of a varied diet. Keep out of reach of little children.

It is important to use a varied and balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Modify Reductor is a fully natural dietary supplement. Thanks to the use of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose capsules (instead of commonly used gelatine capsules) it is also recommended for use by vegetarians and vegans.

Doesn’t contain gluten, gelatine and artificial dyes.


Content of ingredients calculated per the recommended daily dose (1-3 capsules):

Ingredient Content in one
capsule (RDI*)
Content in two
capsules (RDI*)
Content in three
capsules (RDI*)
B6 Vitamin (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 2,5 mg (179%)* 5 mg (358%)* 7,5 mg (537%)*
Chrome (chromium picolinate) 15 μg (37,5%)* 30 μg (75%)* 45 μg (112,5%)*
B12 Vitamin (methyl-cobalamin 98%) 10 μg (400%)* 20 μg (800%)* 30 μg (1200%)*
Green tea extract (standardized per 50% EGCG)
Including EGCG
150 mg
75 mg
300 mg
150 mg
450 mg
225 mg
Bitter orange extract (standardized per 6% synephrine)
Including synephrine
83,34 mg
5 mg
166,68 mg
10 mg
250,02 mg
15 mg
Guarana extract (standardized per 22% caffeine)
Including caffeine
30 mg
6,6 mg
60 mg
13,2 mg
90 mg
19,8 mg
cayenne pepper extract standardized per 10 % capsaicin
including capsaicin
40 mg
4 mg
80 mg
8 mg
120 mg
12 mg
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
Including L-tyrosine
75 mg
28 mg
150 mg
56 mg
225 mg
84 mg
Anhydrous caffeine 50 mg 100 mg 150 mg

*RDI -Recommended Daily Intake


Modify Reductor


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